After The Storm Tees

After The Storm
Rainbows are beautiful loops of colors that give us all hope that the sun is on its way out to stay.
When tragedy and struggles come, there is never an easy way out; some never find the way out. 
It's time to break the silence and to make sure everyone has an outlet.
 Let's all start the conversation about PPD, miscarriage, PTSD, suicide, stress, NICU, our differences, infertility, and infant loss; make sure every woman and family knows they are not alone!
Proceeds of this beautiful shirt will be donated to Resolve: The National Infertility Association. To help them give the gift of family.
Scroll down for a beautiful story of hope and love. 
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Tiffany's Story.

Written by Tiffany Kester 

A year ago our lives changed forever! We thought we knew what we were getting into, but boy were we kidding ourselves.

Earlier last year we finally decided to see a doctor about infertility. The first step was confirming Cody wasn't "the problem." Easy peasy, a simple test and he was done.

I continued testing to find that I had ovarian cysts and was told we would not be able to conceive without assistance.

My heart sank.

We decided January was the month we would start trying!

November 14,2016. It started as most days over the last 2 years. Out of habit I woke up peed in a cup, and started brushing my teeth.

I glanced periodically at that little test, hoping for that second line to appear. I was expecting the all to common negative.

By this point I've taken over a hundred tests. My phone started to ring, as I answer I glance back down at the's 7am. My mind starts racing, mouth drops open; I'm not sure how I still held that phone. Cody's on the other line, he says "Good morning I was just making sure you were awake." I respond with "uh huh", he says "are you okay" again all that I can mutter is "uh huh." You see I had that special day planned. In my state of shock I said "I think I'm pregnant."  I had a whole Pinterest board of announcements, for basically every single person. So many fantastic announcements. But no, Cody asked me to repeat myself several times, I continued to tell him not to get too excited it could still be wrong.

I took 2 more tests. 3 positive tests.

I realize now why all the Sonic Strawberry slushies tasted like heaven.
Did I mention I had our announcements all planned out?! "Don't do it" I told myself as I dialed and erased my mom's number, maybe a million times. Until that one time I pushed send. That was it, I was too late I couldn't stop now. She didn't answer the 50 times I called her. So what do I do? I call the girl who told me as soon as she found out she was expecting. "Brittany? Hey I'm pregnant"...yea that was my reveal. FINALLY! Mom's calling, what do I do? Only the most logical thing at the time. " Hey mom where were you? Guess what? I think I'm pregnant!" Gosh that's the way to tell her.
My pregnancy was basic at first. Morning sickness, tired, baby brain, repeat. In February, we revealed we were having a little boy. We were all buying things for him like crazy.

One day I went to work with my feet itching like crazy. A few days of that and I about lost my mind. I had a rash going up my legs, arms, hands, and belly. I don't remember chicken pox being that bad. I finally went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with PUPPS. I was told this could last until he was born, great! After a follow up appointment I was also told I had cholestasis. I itched, and itched, and itched. I couldn't reach my feet so a back scratcher was my best friend!

Next was the dreaded glucose test. I had no worries I would pass with flying colors. Wrong! I received a call that I needed to schedule another appointment for a 3 hour test. I slept through that, waking every hour for blood draws. Again, I failed. Worry and fear crept through me. What if this would hurt my baby? I did extensive research, and met with a consultant. From that point forward I was considered high risk and needed twice weekly appointments.

I'm around 6 months pregnant, and unemployed. I was living the dream! Haha! Not! I was driving 45 minutes once a week for a checkup and a stress test for the baby. Two days later I would drive an hour to see a specialist about my diabetes, and to get an ultrasound. Every single week, it was never ending. As a new worried mom it helped keep my stress away hearing he was doing great. But, the pattern was dull and boring.

As I approached around 32 weeks, I was told they weren't letting me go past 39 weeks. Now I'm panicking trying to prepare my house, trying to plan the groceries, trying to stay awake.

I somehow managed to keep up with my weekly belly pictures. I wanted to remember every little thing.

The date was set July 11th I was going to be induced.

Fear, excitement, and a tornado of feelings ran through me. How did the time fly by so fast? Was I ready for such a big responsibility?

We had finally arrived at the birthing center at 5:45pm. Checking in was quicker than expected, and we headed to our birthing suite. The room was huge. I observed the empty baby bed, and the blanket and hats all neatly placed.

This was it, the time had finally come. Years of waiting. And it was here. There are no words to describe how I felt.
The hospital was busy that day. So when our doctor announced she could see his head. I knew; it was time .

Then my husband tearing up out of the corner of my eye. My mom crying while photographing our miracle.

I reached down to feel my son for the first time.

At 6:38pm, he finally let out a loud cry, and suddenly I was at ease.

Everything in life before that minute no longer mattered, my life was changed forever.

We soaked in every single minute. They got his stats he was 7 lbs 7 oz and 16 3/4" long.

 Family arrived as they got him ready for his first bath. We all oohed and ahhed over him.

He was the perfect new addition to our family.

Life has been incredible with him in it. We are in love with our little bundle of perfection and couldn't be happier.