About Us

Hello! You’re brash, hilariously funny and likely reading this from the closet gulping grown-up juice and shoveling your hidden chocolate into your face while you hide from your kids.

Me too. 

I’m Ashleigh. I’m a mom to two beautiful boys and wife to one handsome bearded man. I love them and all, but nothing will compare to my adoration to smooth, aged whiskey. *kidding* (kinda)

As much as I enjoy the bite of sarcasm and the freedom of completely oversharing, I’ve also triumphed from my own darkness. I’m a survivor of postpartum depression. Soon after my diagnosis, I suffered the loss of a miscarriage, and had to claw my way back to finding my joy and happiness again.

As I’ve shared my story, community support and love helped me find my happiness through laughter.

Now, I design apparel and accessories for the whole family to make you laugh and look as great as our tees make you feel.

 Check out our shop and browse our full collection for the perfect item for you or a friend.